Best Self Improvement Podcasts

Best Self Improvement Podcasts For Young Adults are a great way to stay motivated during your commute or when you’re just hanging out at home. They can also help you get through a tough time and turn your life around.Podcasts

Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” podcast provides advice and interviews that can help you achieve true happiness. Other episodes cover topics from productivity to overcoming failure.

Optimal Living Daily is one of the more straightforward self-improvement podcasts out there. It covers topics such as minimalism, productivity, and time management with articles that range from personal finance to fitness and wellness. There’s also a large focus on budgeting, perfect for those just starting to gain control of their money.

The show is hosted by lifestyle blogger Les Alfred, a former nutritionist and personal coach who’s ditched the “hustle culture” of many millennial podcasts to bring listeners a slow, holistic approach to life. The show offers a refreshing alternative to the “guru” mentality of some productivity influencers, with Alfred’s clear advice and non-judgmental perspective making it easier for skeptics to take her seriously.

Another popular choice is the 10% Happier podcast, which focuses on developing a mindfulness practice. Its guests offer practical advice for incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine, including tips on how to create a morning meditation habit and how to practice gratitude. It’s worth checking out for anyone who’s struggling to deal with anxiety or self-doubt.

Whether you’re looking to build a strong social circle or improve your self-esteem, podcasts are an excellent way to stay motivated and make healthy changes. These podcasts provide a flexible, low-pressure learning environment that allows you to listen in the car, during a workout, or while doing chores around the house. Plus, they allow you to learn at your own pace and are often cheaper than books or seminars.

The best self-improvement podcasts are those that offer a variety of ideas and perspectives to help you reach your full potential. From relationship advice to productivity hacks, these podcasts cover everything you need to become your best self.

2. The Rich Roll Podcast

If you’re into fitness and wellness, then this podcast is for you. Rich Roll is a vegan ultra-endurance athlete and wellness evangelist who delves deep with the world’s brightest, paradigm-busting thought leaders in health, spirituality, nutrition, wellness, fitness and entrepreneurship.

In each episode, Rich hosts a conversation with his inspiring guests that have empowering stories to share. He interviews people from all walks of life, including Navy SEAL, David Goggins. This is an empowering podcast that’s sure to inspire you and improve your life.

Another great thing about this podcast is that it’s not only informative but also entertaining. This is because Rich and his guests engage in banter that’s both lighthearted and informative. This is an interesting podcast that’s perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to podcasts.

Rich’s podcast is one of the most popular long-form podcasts on the planet, up there with Joe Rogan Experience. It features conversations with high-profile guests, and he uses a lot of podcast gear to achieve the best sound quality possible.

He uses a Shure SM7B cardioid dynamic microphone, which is a premium microphone for recording podcasts. He also uses Sony MDR7506 headphones, which are professional studio and broadcasting headphones. They’re over ear and wired (as opposed to bluetooth), but they have a cool vintage vibe and are very comfortable. He also uses a Zoom H6 6-Track Portable Recorder, which is a versatile recorder that’s perfect for podcasting. It offers four XLR/TRS combo jacks with dedicated pad switches and gain control for distortion-free recording. It’s also compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to take with you on the road. It’s also a great choice for mobile podcasting.

3. The Science of Success

In the self-help podcast world, there is a wide range of content catering to individuals who are looking to improve their lifestyle. Some podcasts are focused on mental health and wellness, while others provide tips for physical fitness, work productivity, and relationships. No matter the topic, great self improvement podcasts have a few features in common:

Information Credibility

While there are plenty of sage self-help gurus who offer advice based on nothing more than their own experiences, a good podcast should also cite its sources to ensure its credibility. This is especially important for podcasts that provide life-changing insights. Fortunately, many podcasts that provide advice backed by research do just this, allowing their hosts to build a reputation as bona fide experts.

Consistency is another key feature of a good self-improvement podcast. A regular release schedule makes it easier for listeners to incorporate a new strategy into their lives, and it also solidifies the podcast’s popularity. The podcast “On Purpose” from Jay Shetty is a great example of a consistent, informative podcast that offers life-changing advice.


Many self-improvement podcasts feature interesting and engaging guests. Guests can be thought leaders, motivational speakers, or celebrities. These podcasts are popular because they can be listened to anywhere, anytime, and provide access to people who have achieved success in different areas of their lives. This allows listeners to gain inspiration from those who have similar goals and can help them find the right path to achieving their goals.

4. The Minimalist Podcast

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known as the Minimalists, are two lifelong friends who help millions of people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, and podcast. They feature stories from their personal journeys as well as interviews with minimalist authors and experts. The show is a great option for anyone interested in learning about minimalism, and the hosts’ personal touch makes it feel more relatable to listeners.

This podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs, lifestyle bloggers, and other interesting people who lead a simple life. It also discusses the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle, including increased productivity and focus, improved mental health, and lower stress levels. The episodes are packed with useful tips and tricks that you can easily implement into your own life.

The Minimalist Podcast is hosted by two Millenials who talk about their minimalist lifestyles, including how they cope with family life. They cover topics like reducing clutter, handling kids’ toys, and living intentionally. Although the hosts are Millennials, their insights and advice are timeless. The podcast also offers helpful tips on how to incorporate minimalism into your life, such as decluttering, embracing a slow-living lifestyle, and practicing gratitude.

Designed to be an easy-to-listen, short podcast, this series is a daily digest of the best online content on minimalism, personal development, and financial independence. It’s curated by Justin Malik, who searches for and reads out the best content on the internet so you don’t have to. It’s a great way to start your day and learn new concepts on how to be minimalist, reduce your stress levels, and achieve financial independence.